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A Brief History Of Coffee

An Unoffical History Of Coffee





 Galloping GoatA frequently told story about the origins of coffee attributes its discovery to a 6th century Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi and his herd of tired and hungry goats. These lazy old goats got tired of looking for food, but were still hungry. They happened upon a bunch of strange bushes bearing sweet red berries. After eating these berries the old goats began dancing around the fields and hillsides like young kids. Kaldi, intrigued by this behavior, tried the bright red berries and he too was soon filled with a renewed sense of energy. Kaldi shared his discovery with a monk from a nearby monastery. Fearing that the berries were the work of the devil, the monk flung the berries into the fire and soon a wonderful and exotic aroma filled the air. 

Now, convinced these beans were God's work, the monk mixed them with water so all the monks in the monastery could share in this miracle. Soon the news of these special berries spread and the long days and nights of prayer suddenly became much easier. 





10th Century - Coffee as Food