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Storing and Preparing

 Fresh premium quality beans are essential to a great cup of coffee, no matter how it is brewed. That's why the Maple Shade Coffee Company ships our coffee to you freshly roasted in a special "one-way" valve bag. THis valve let air out but not into the bag.  Once the bag is opened the coffee remains fresh for about 14-21 days.   The freshness can be extended by eliminating the four (4) enemies of roasted coffee: Air, Heat, Moisture, and Direct Sunlight. 

Whole bean or ground coffee should be stored in an airtight container and kept in a cool, dark place.   Coffee may be stored in the freezer for longer periods; however, avoid taking coffee in and out of the freezer since condensation will build up on the coffee causing it to lose its flavor much faster. 

Grinding is the final step in the coffee process.   Grinding releases the flavors that are contained within the shell of the bean.   Grinds range from fine to medium to coarse, the finer the grind, the faster the flavor is released in the brewing process.   A fine grind is usually used in an espresso type brewing process while a coarse grind is usually used in a longer type brewing process such as percolator. 

Grinding coffee at home can be easily accomplished.  Also home grinding is preferred since the flavors of the coffee are maintained longer in a whole bean.  Coffee should be ground on an as needed basis.